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Face of Knives is an event promotion/booking group based in Atlanta, GA formed by Daniel DeSimone in 2017. The name is a holdover from a long running joke about kittens, who evolution has elected to give a face full of knives

Our first event as Face of Knives was held October 1, 2017 at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery (when it was located at 88 Forsyth street in downtown Atlanta) for Nashville Sludge/Grind project Yautja. FOK operated primarily out of Eyedrum until mid 2018 when the Bakery Atlanta at 825 Warner Street became home. Most our events and growth happened here until the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 and the shuttering of the building. From 2017-2020 we hosted nearly 100 events including notable acts like Jeromes Dream, Loma Prieta, Lonnie Holley, Mary Lattimore, the Nels Cline/Larry Ochs/Gerald Cleaver Trio, To Live and Shave in LA, Justice Yeldham, Portrayal of Guilt, Wake, Planning for Burial, Kayo Dot, Mark Hosler (of Negativland), Jason Kahn, Handsome Devils puppets, and 2 years of the Atlanta Pre-International Noise Conference.

Restarting in 2022 we have welcomed back many of the aforementioned artists and are excited to continue to work with more. 

Although our curation emphasizes the strange and extreme, we work with all genres and artistic mediums. We pride ourselves in prioritizing nontraditional events and nontraditional spaces, and see community building and challenging the status quo as pillars of our goal in our short time on this earth.

Aside from booking/promotion Face of Knives offers services in live sound engineering, audio equipment rental, consultation, event management, and art handling.

Keep it weird y'all, many blessings


Founder, scene queen, and professional hater Daniel DeSimone

Photograph courtesy of JJ Posway

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